Sunday, November 3, 2019

how dimonds are made

How are diamond rings made intro Diamonds are extremely rare,they are the purest form of transparent carbon under tremendous pressure and deapet diamonds are the world's hardest substance. Where can diamonds be found?

Diamonds can be found in 35 countries in the world, some of them are: South africa Russia India Brazill China Canada Sidiria And United states Most diamonds are found in Kimberlites,they are formation like pipelines created by volcanoes and tectonic activity

 First we mix the hair until it turns into carbon powder,then it needs to be checked to make sure the carbon powder is enough quantity.once that is done they will heat the diamond carbonated powder to make sure there is only carbonated powder in there later then they do an extra test to double check.the raw cardon is press until source of diamond is turns into a crystalised capsule. the capsule is placed into a growth takes 2 weeks for the diamond to crystallize,it will crystallize by the heat and pressure.then we smash the capsule and find a diamond inside Conclusion Each diamond is then turned into a heart shape.did you know that diamond carbon can take upto 10 yrs to can take over 1 yr to make one diamond.that is 11 yrs in total.

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