Tuesday, October 29, 2019


 Mary Anning a fossil hunter got struck by lighting and thunder. 

 She spent her hour Using her superpowers She found a Plesiosaur People thought that the plesiosaur Was fake but she was misunderstood people said ‘you should stop trying to get fame,you should be ashamed. 
 People say that she made the tongue twister she sells sea shells on the sea shore But people ignored But Her mysteries turned into history.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


 Fear smells like rotten fish lying on the shore.
 Fear smells like raw sewage or unwashed socks. 
 Fear tastes like sour milk, bitter lemons or blood in your mouth. 
It looks like an evil zombie, a vampire trying to suck blood from a victim or a wounded deer. 
Fear feels like getting punched in the gut by a bodybuilder. 
 Fear sounds like a drum being played in your chest or snakes hissing. 
Fear sounds like a dentist drilling in your mouth. 
Fear lives in a graveyard. Fear lives in an abandoned, haunted house. 
 Fear is a lonely cellar or savage dogs. 
 Fear is murky brown and haunting. 
 Fear exists in nightmares.
fear is in all of us.

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