Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Island paridse

 Paragraph 1

The tropical paradise looked spectacular and inviting. It was a hot and steaming.It was relaxing, peaceful and relaxing and remote.the clouds looked just like cotton candy in a candy shop filling people up with joy.people of all ages would definitely come here.trees of all shapes and sizes. People are tanning just like a toaster toasting bread.

 Paragraph 2
 The fishing deck was made of the smoothest of wood.beaming in see beautiful lush green trees just like broccoli on a plate . the water looks like charming water just like blueberry lemonade in the summer breeze. The suns rises beamed down reflecting beautiful aqua water. The sand tickles there feet and they start giggling with laughter. The like water feels as thick as molasses, yet more slipperier than ice.

 Paragraph 3 The water overlap the gentle waves,when people walk the sand crunch.it was peaceful until seagulls started to quack.quack,quack,quack’’ kids made sand castles and adults sunbathe. This place is a dream come true.

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