Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Little Shopkeeper Once upon a time, in Paris, there was a little man called Jordan who owned a shoe shop. His shoe shop was handed down from generation to generation and he loved his shoes. While dusting his shoes a beautiful posh lady came. She had a high bun on her head, she a wore yellow dress with white polka dots and she had emerald coloured eyes Jordan speedly showed her a beautiful pair of red heels with one pink bow on each side she clapped joyfully. When……..honk honk! There was a very tall man named ‘’Braven’’,he presses the RED button then pow. highly posh shoes brown heels. The posh lady didn't seem surprised ,he chucks the shoes behind him ring ring! Jordan rings the bell the lady stomps on over to Jordan.Braven presses the RED button then sales came poking out 20% 50% 34% sales! Jordan was amazed !,The next day Jordan came up with a idea ! he made a brown sneaker he ran outside to show off his new shoes Braven didn't seem surprised instead he pressed the RED button again and it made white sneakers with white laces Jordan was desperate he keeps making sales until he was up to a 95% discount ! but one one wanted to buy Jordans shoes .One night Jordan received a contract to sell his business, just as he was just about to until his shoes came with a tin of gold paint …the next day he gave the contract back [signed] under was a presente snahted the box opened the box carefully inside was a beautiful pair of golden shoes.braven quickly pops them on Jordan sadly walks away until the shoes do their magic made him go away and never come back! ,while he was dusting his shoes beep beep! He clenches his hands . The end

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