Monday, March 18, 2019

My Wild Self

Right in front me I saw the most unusual creature In the world it’s face looked Deadly and furious.

It’s smile looked as deadly as a shark that will swallow me whole, I tried to stay calm then, I notice the antlers on top of her head they looked as if trees had lost their leaves in winter. Her eye beamed at me as if my darkest nightmares had come. I think she hears everything I say with those Polar bear ears  I thought. There so fuzzy and soft.I pondered to myself

Her body was as large as  a beach ball and her claws were giant,they looked familiar her hand were as big as my faced her orange and black reminded me of something….. Ahh those are tiger hands I thought as my heart beat furiously. Her shoes were the colour of dirt I could smell them from here.  ‘’Eww’’ I gagged. I could barely hear her ‘’Too Too’’ she whispered then again ‘’name…… Too Too.” She started to walk………….. WHAT! She was dragging herself, we were in a cave,so my voice echoed so I tried to whisper she had a  huge butterfly wings they were as big as a big crocodiles body, sticking out was a peacocks feathers.

I wonder her name was ?was her name  TooToo?  I guessed  In conclusion I think she's very lazy I thought again to myself.

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