Monday, February 25, 2019

My setting description

The pet shop

The most uncommon place humans go to.The deep sounds. The animals were making so much of a racket.puppies were barking, kittens were purring, cats were meowing, chicks were chirping,parrots were squawking and children were screaming their hearts out !. how  bothersome is that.?


Bunnies were soft like a couch. cats were fluffy like slike.dogs were truly wet after having a bath.parrots were colourful and Feathery.


I smelled gruesome Animal diarrhoea, bath,fishy pet food and salmon,
Oatmeal,blueberries,buttery popcorn, apples,pineapples,coconuts, watermelons etc


All kinds of colour cages  with all sizes . kids extremely excited to get their own animals!
Parrots of all colours and sizes. rusty old hamster wheels and colourful animal toy for sale.animal fur everywhere!

Christmas NEWS