Wednesday, October 16, 2019


 Fear smells like rotten fish lying on the shore.
 Fear smells like raw sewage or unwashed socks. 
 Fear tastes like sour milk, bitter lemons or blood in your mouth. 
It looks like an evil zombie, a vampire trying to suck blood from a victim or a wounded deer. 
Fear feels like getting punched in the gut by a bodybuilder. 
 Fear sounds like a drum being played in your chest or snakes hissing. 
Fear sounds like a dentist drilling in your mouth. 
Fear lives in a graveyard. Fear lives in an abandoned, haunted house. 
 Fear is a lonely cellar or savage dogs. 
 Fear is murky brown and haunting. 
 Fear exists in nightmares.
fear is in all of us.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Water scarcity Intro Drip,drip,drip……then gone! Gone like the dawn, gone like the dinosaurs, gone like the wind, gone just like the Moa and the rubbish in the bin.

 P1 If water, on what all humans rely, disappears then we will die. Water is precious, water is scarce, we can't afford to waste a drop!

 p2 Over use , technology , development , pollution, population growth and climate change. These are the reasons why our water is vanishing drip,drip,drip …..then it will stop. Not enough to drink, not enough to shower, not enough to clean the dishes, not enough to mop. If we don’t make a change we will meet our fate, soon we will not even be able to ice skate!

 P3 There are 7.7 billion people on earth, including you. More people means more trees have to be cut down to make room for houses and cities. What a pity!. Human greed is leading our ‘blue planet’ to no longer be blue. Some people are greedy, they say they didn't know. To help this sorrow you can borrow the bikes & scooter down your street, All you need to do is use your feet.

 P4 There are many things that cause this problem, Plants can die and even blossoms. Living things are dying every day, soon we will not have the energy to PLAY!!!! People on the streets are begging and pleading So stop, I command you to STOP, We can’t even get enough to grow some crops. Conclusion Here are some tips to share with your family Or soon it will go calmly. First of all, take shorter showers So then you can water your flowers. If you don't change your actions, none of us will be an attraction. Save water with glee Sing like a choir girl for what you believe.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

 Tēnā koutou katoat     v            Greetings to you all 
No Aotearoa āhau        I am from NZ
Ko Puketāpapa te maunga             My mountain is Mt Roskill 

Ko Manukau te moana                     The Manukau is my sea

Ko Halsey Drive te kura                     Halsey Drive is my school 

Kei Mt Roskill toku papa kainga         Mt Roskill is where I live now

Ko Shabir  tōku koro           My Grandfather is Shabir
Ko Parveen tōku kuia          My Grandmother is Parveen
Ko Salman  tōku matua     My Father is Salman 
Ko Munfrah tōku whaea       My mother is Munfrah
Ko Imran tōku matua keke     My uncle is Imran 
Ko Madiha tōku whaea keke     My auntie is Madiha
Ko Zainab rāua  ko Hanzala āku tuakana    My cousins are Zainab and Hanzala
Ko Roha rāua                                               My older sister is Roha 
Ko Abdul Rafay  rāua             My younger brother is  Abdul Rafay

Ko Romaisa tāku ingoa                   My name is Romaisa

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


This week we were learning how to make cityscapes. Using newspaper and A3 paper. Some of them look 3D 
hope you like it!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Red Riding Hood Have you ever heard of the stupid fairytale where the dumb girl, who wears an unnecessary red hood, gets attacked by the wolf? Yes, I'm talking about Little Red Riding Hood who ruined my life by sharing this untrue story.. I better introduce myself, I am the wolf and I am here to set the story straight. I'm the one who saved the grandma oopsies, I don't want to spoil it anyway my story begins now. Once upon a time lived a girl called Little Red. One day she went to her Grandma's house and I saw her spying on us. The thing is, she is from a royal house so she is really posh. She is sophisticated, posh, rude and annoying.. One day Grandma went to get me a bowl of warm milk, little red saw me getting pampered by my sweet grandma. But then a tiny, cute hamster came out of nowhere. Then what happened was unbearable ……… she screamed like hell. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed. Grandma got really shocked. Little Red seeped into the town and then her castle. Then she went to her castle and made a plan and after a few days she came back. In her carriage was her purse but it was so filled with makeup, jewellery and more makeup, that her plan fell out! “Yes,” I thought. As soon as the carriage went, I took the plan and then blasted off down the shortcut. I got to Grandma's house and quickly hid her into the cupboard without thinking twice. When she arrived, OMG, she brought a gun. I wondered to myself, “Who gave her a gun licence anyways?” But before she did anything, I gobbled her up. Then we lived happily ever after. So, see I didn't do anything wrong. It was all her fault. .A wolf has to do what a wolf has to do. The end

Sunday, August 18, 2019

human growth

Paragraph 1 - Intro All living things, including humans, go through different growth stages throughout their life. From a baby to an elderly person, each human stage is different and unique with many challenges and benefits.

 Paragraph 2 - baby First of all, a human enters the world as a fragile and defenseless baby. It is totally dependent on its mother and other close adults for survival. Parents will provide a baby with love, milk, warmth, protection, and care, making sure it gets enough sleep and stimulation. Within its first year, it will learn to hold its head up, sit up by itself, rollover, make a variety of noises, crawl and eat mashed up food. It will grow bigger and stronger throughout these 12 months and will become more capable, curious and active.

 Paragraph 3 - Toddler. The next stage of development is when a baby becomes a toddler. A toddler is classified as a child between the ages of one and three years old. The toddler stage is very important in a child's life. It is the time between infancy and childhood when a child learns and grows in many ways. Everything that happens to the toddler means something. With each stage or skill the child masters, a new stage begins. This growth is different for each child. Children have their own timetable. During the toddler stage, most children learn to walk, talk, solve problems, relate to others, and more.

The three parrots

High in tree air.
Eyes are pitch black.

 These wings are long.
 His brothers thought they were more beautiful than each other.
Rua tried to stop her brothers from squabbling.
Extremely annoyed were the other birds. Birds of Aotearoa. Irritated was kakapo when he couldn't fly. Extremely calm was the beautiful forest of Aoteroa.

Peaceful was the forest.
Annoyed was kakapo who
Rua was called rangi after the fight of the two brothers.
Rude was kaka & kakapo.
Oh, stop that squabbling said, Rua
Trees were peaceful again
Stop talking about your feathers.

hope you enjoyed,thank you!

FEAR  Fear smells like rotten fish lying on the shore.  Fear smells like raw sewage or unwashed socks.   Fear tastes like sour milk...